Wedding Gift Ideas

Love for the bride & groom:



The Love Shaker is the perfect wedding and / or bridal shower gift.

Give the gift of LOVE to honor the momentous occasion of marriage.

This is a gift they’ll remember!

Wedding love

Love at the bridal shower:

wedding gift

The Love Shaker can be the way each bridal shower participant can shower her with lots of LOVE.

Pass the shaker like a microphone at the shower. Each person can share their blessing for the bride with sprinkles of LOVE from the Love Shaker.

Love for the bridesmaids:

Joe and Darby are engaged with love!

The Love Shaker makes a great gift of LOVE for each bridesmaid as a token of loving appreciation for their participation.

Love at the wedding ceremony:

Shake LOVE on the couple as they walk down the aisle.

Love at the wedding reception:

The Love Shaker is a great addition to the wedding reception table decorations.

Place a Love Shaker next to the flowers or centerpiece to add some LOVE to the meal.

The Love Shaker is a great way to prompt sharing, storytelling and playful conversation among guests.

People at the table can then shake to signal a toast or prompt a kiss for the bride and groom.

Love at the honeymoon:

The Shaker can be a romantic cue for loving kisses.