Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for your beloved!


Shake up your Valentine’s Day gift traditions !

The Love Shaker is a new and unique Valentine’s Day gift to shower your Beloved with LOVE!

When you make them or take them out for a special Valentine’s dinner, surprise them with the extra ingredient of LOVE.

Shake LOVE on each other as you share stories of your favorite memories of beloved times together.

Use the Love Shaker to cue a kiss.
(Note: Shaking the Love Shaker can become a little ritual to shake LOVE for sweet dreams and kiss your sweetie goodnight.)

For a special touch, add a Love Shaker to the traditional flowers, chocolates and / or diamonds you usually give! 😉

Valentines Love for Kids!


Kids love an opportunity to shake LOVE on each other and you!

Have a home/ school / community / or play date Valentine’s exchange include a little Love Shaker time.
Ask Kids to pass the Love Shaker and tell a story about what they / who they LOVE. Guaranteed to be adorable!

Have the family shake LOVE on each other and share a special LOVE exchange between each family member.
(Note: This can be a very healing tradition to establish to remedy future argumentative times too.)

LOVE is what Valentine’s is all about!
The Love Shaker is the perfect way to share your LOVE.