Friend & Family Celebration Gift Ideas

Friend & family celebrations with love:

Gatherings are always better when LOVE is present.

On Thanksgiving or other holiday meals, the Love Shaker can be passed around the table as a way for each person to share gratitude and blessings as they shake LOVE on the festive food.

Thanksgiving Love Shaker

Mother’s Day is even more special when Mom is showered with your Love Shakers LOVE.

Mothersday love 3 copy 2

Anniversary festivities can be enhanced with Love Shaking remembering favorite times shared together.

Anniversary couple shaking. copy

The Love Shaker is the perfect addition to a family reunion to bring more connection and interaction between the generations. No matter what your age, everyone in the family can shake and share LOVE.

Family reunion. See the effects of the Love Shaker at a family reunion... just look at all their faces!!! There's a whole lot of joy going on! Love, Aunt Loie copy

LOVE is what makes a house a home. The Love Shaker is a great way to bless a new home.

Love shaker house blessing for dad. copy 2

Have your kid’s participate in gardening by shaking LOVE on the plants and helping them grow.

redbud love shaker 2

Graduations are a perfect time for shaking LOVE on the graduate and extending joyous congrats!


Retreats and vacation getaways are even more restorative with the added ingredient of LOVE.

Vacations love shaker

Road trips can be filled with LOVE and laughter by shaking love on each other inside the car, or on other drivers and passengers.

Road trip with Love Shaker

Furry friends tails wag more excitedly with a bit of Love Shaker LOVE added to their food too!

Penny love 2

Even Halloween can be less spooky with Love Shaking on trick or treaters into the night.


At any gathering the Love Shaker can make everyones experience filled with more LOVE, laughter and joy!