It was big sisters idea to sprinkle love on her sleeping little brother!


Grandma shaking love on baby Connor who is mesmerized by the Love Shaker. Love that boy!


The Love Shaker joyfully gets used daily as part of our daycare activities.

Shaking love on each other is one of the children’s favorite things to do!


The love shaker always saves the day and makes the boo-boo go away!


Miss Penny the puppy gives the love shaker a little sniff & kiss!


The love shaker makes my pasghetti taste so yuuummmy!


Shaking a little extra love on a miracle!


Love my “Love Shaker.” Works every time!


Giving a sweet Love Shaker happy birthday blessing!



D B Sutton adds the secret ingredient to make our hair look fabulous!


Love shaker makes a Valentine’s day kiss even sweeter!


This is what my daughter River said the first time we were using it: ‘I swallow the love and it goes down into my heart’. The Love Shaker has a permanent place on our table, and love is added to every meal. Our daughter River is usually the one reminding us all to shake a little love over every plate and cup. Our baby boy lights up every time we shake it over his food, or often over his head. We are greatly looking forward to taking the love shaker to our new home in coming weeks, and River will have the enviable job of taking the Love Shaker through every room to ensure that every corner is filled with love.”


Right now I use the Love Shaker to powder my baby’s bottom. Not only does it make my baby smile with its light rattling sound, but it makes me smile to know that at every diaper change I am showering my son with love. Once Jack gets older, I can’t wait to use it as a cute way to cure his “boo-boos” or for cooking when we are able to teach him to make magic in the kitchen. You wouldn’t believe all the comments I get from friends and family when they see it in his nursery. It’s such a unique conversation piece and I’m definitely getting the Love Shaker for my mommy friends in the future. I’d recommend the Love Shaker to any parent who wants a cute and playful way to shower their kids with love.


One of the ways I shared the Love Shaker that touched me the most deeply, was with one of my friends who was in the hospital. Her health had gotten to a state where she was just too sensitive to be touched. I couldn’t give her a hug and yet, I could shake LOVE on her! … so I did and with tears of appreciation she expressed how much she felt the LOVE. I left the Love Shaker there at her bedside for others to use and “LOVE” on her. The Love Shaker became one of the best healing ways for her other family and friends to express their LOVE to her. It was absolutely extraordinary! The Love Shaker was at her side offering a way for her loved ones to express their LOVE for her.


Every time I see my Love Shaker sitting on my spice shelf it makes me smile big because I am reminded of the “little” friends in my life. When they come over, inevitably they are drawn to the Love Shaker (kids always gravitate toward things associated with love, no surprise there!) and I get to explain about its magical properties for mending feelings, making food taste better and making people happy. I shake Love all over them and watch with joy as they shake it all over my pets and then, of course, on me! It’s a great daily reminder to keep Love flowing through my life. Soon I’ll have a second Love Shaker for my desk at work!


As soon as I saw the Love Shaker on a shelf at Healing Earth Resources, I thought: What a good idea! I picked it up, rattled it. I liked the thick white ceramic vessel, the easy-to-put-your-hand-around shape, the red letters and hearts. Then its lovely creator swept into the room with her dazzling smile and bright, positive aura. She was excited to show me how it worked—you just shake a little love, she said in her sing-song voice. She turned it upside down and shook a little love over the top of her head, then mine. I swear I felt an immediate sense of well-being. Then she explained a shaman had blessed those beads inside, which added mystery and, for me, an added legitimacy. I started thinking of all the people to whom I could gift this: my spiritual-twin sister to use on her new grandbaby, my gentle male colleague at work who recently adopted a second baby, another sister to use on misbehaving or sad kids in her kindergarten class in rural Virginia, and myself to aid in my quest for a good night sleep or when my job became too anxiety-producing. So I bought four that first day, and then more. And my list of recipients continues—I just gave another one away to a mother to give her toddler to use on her new baby sister. I have gotten such good reports back. It really works!


I bought a “love shaker” (charmed by Edie’s videos) which, much to my surprise, I use often and share with others. Then, I bought a love shaker for my mother, who reported to me this evening that she has been shaking love all over her house this past week, and she and my dad (her husband of 51 years) have never gotten along better. In addition to this peculiarly love-kissed behavior, I find myself drawing hearts all over my chalkboard in my office. “Who is this girl/woman Lindsay?” I have to ask myself. I don’t know for sure, as I know she is still under construction, but I have to say, I like her, and the Love Shaker was a big huge part of what opened that door for me. THANK YOU! Love (I’m shaking it all over you right now, can you feel it?)