Give that Special Someone A Love Shaker this Valentine's Day!

Give that Special Someone A Love Shaker and make this Valentine's…
christmas gift

Add even more Love to your Christmas dinner with the Love Shaker!

Get your Love Shaker today to bring more joy with friends…

Adding the special Ingredient of Love!

Using the Love Shaker to add the special ingredient love…

Magic Moment: Love is the best medicine....the huge smile is the proof!

Everyone can use more LOVE in the hospital. Love is the best…

Magic Moment: Shaking Love on the Chick-Fil-A Cow

Edie shakes love with the Love Shaker on the Chick-Fil-A…

Magic Moment: Spring Kitten Sharing Love... meow!

Adorable spring kitten playfully sharing Love with her Love…

Magic Moment: Loving on my baby sister in Mommy's tummy!

Julia uses the love shaker to shake alotta love on her baby…

Magic Moment: Yummy Valentine’s Day cookies sprinkled with Love!

I love my Love Shaker! I treated my quilting bee to some…

Magic Moment: Valentine’s Day Shopping Checklist

Shake up your Valentine's Day gift giving this year. Complete…
Valentine's Day gift

Magic Moment: Valentine's Day with Love!

Searching for a unique Valentine's gift? The Love Shaker…

Magic Moment: The perfect Valentine's Day gift!

Looking for a unique Valentine's Day gift idea? We are delighted…
christmas gift

Magic Moment: Christmas with Love!

There'll be a Ho Ho Ho... and a lotta smiles as the family…
foodie gift

Magic Moment: The foodie's secret ingredient!

The perfect foodie gift! Shaking some of the secret ingredient…

Magic Moment: Love at the Carwash!

Love makes everything better! I'm giving Loving encouragement…

Magic Moment: Love in the garden!

Shaking Love on Piggy in the garden.....Lot's of giggles…
foodie gift

Magic Moment: Love makes it a happy meal!

“I swallow the love and it goes down into my heart."

Magic Moment: Get well with Love!

One of the ways I shared the Love Shaker that touched me the most deeply, was with one of my friends who was in the hospital.

Magic Moment: Pets with Love!

It’s a great daily reminder to keep Love flowing through my life.

Magic Moment: A teachers gift of Love!

I have gotten such good reports back. It really works!

Magic Moment: Double the Love!

Love my “Love Shaker.” Works every time!

Magic Moment: Baby with Love!

I’d recommend the Love Shaker to any parent who wants a cute and playful way to shower their kids with love.

Magic Moment: Delightful Love!

I find myself drawing hearts all over my chalkboard in my office.

Magic Moment: How 'bout lovin' on them tomatoes?

I always use my love shaker to shake love on all the food before I eat it.

Magic Moment: Grandma shaking Love!

Grandma shaking love on baby Connor who seems mesmerized by the Love Shaker.
maternity gift

Magic Moment: Pregnant with Love!

Shaking a little extra love on a miracle!

Magic Moment: Adding Love for sweet dreams at nap time!

It was big sister's idea to sprinkle love on her sleeping little brother!

Magic Moment: Puppy Love!

Miss Penny the puppy gives the love shaker a little sniff & kiss.
foodie gift

Magic Moment: Pass the Love

The Love Shaker is a perfect addition to all of your condiments….Pass the love please.

Magic Moment: The Energy of the Love Shaker

I Love my Love Shaker!

Magic moment: Soothe a boo-boo!

The love shaker saves the day and makes the boo-boo go away.

Magic Moment: Valentine's Love for Kids!

The Love Shaker joyfully gets use daily as part of the daycare activities.

Magic Moment: Adding even more love on Mother's Day!

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day ever!
foodie gift

Magic Moment: Everything tastes better with love!

The love shaker makes my pasghetti taste so yuuummmy!

Magic Moment: Love adds beauty!

D B Sutton adds the secret ingredient to make our hair look fabulous!

Magic Moment: Blooming love!

Kids love using the Love Shaker by adding love to help make the flowers bloom.

Magic Moment: Delicious nutritious love... a good healthy choice!

Everything tastes better with love!

Magic Moment: Valentine's Day parfait with love!

Brother and sister using the Love Shaker to make the perfect birthday parfait for their Mom.

Magic Moment: Birthday love with my beloved!

A sweet Love Shaker happy birthday blessing!
valentine's day gift

Magic Moment: Valentine's Day kisses!

Love shaker makes a Valentines day kiss even sweeter!


"Shake a lotta love on your life & make this moment magic"