Gift Ideas

Love Shaker is the perfect gift idea for any occasion!

Use your love shaker in the kitchen or dinner table adding the secret ingredient of love that makes every meal taste better look better and feel even better in your tummy

You can use your love shaker to lift your mood whether it’s ending a potential argument soothing a boo-boo on a tummy ache a heart ache or a headache. Love can make it feel better. Love can change any sour mood to sweetness and laughter

Your kids will love it! You can shake love on their pillow for a good night sleep and sweet dreams. Shake under the bed or closet to chase the boogie monster away. Love shaker is the magic friend that can save the day.

Add love to your next celebration whether it be a party for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, bridal shower, wedding, baby shower or to simply make any day a celebration!

Love makes everything better!

Add a lot of love to your life!