How to Use

The Love Shaker is the perfect gift and the perfect way to share LOVE with everything and everyone in your life. It adds the secret ingredient of love to enhance your food, lift your mood and brighten any celebration!

The Love Shaker is a delightfully decorated ceramic container magically filled with a lifetime of LOVE. Simply shake the Love Shaker over and around anything or anyone that needs LOVE.  It makes a gentle shaking sound as it shares the wonderful energy of LOVE with everything and everyone around it!

You might use your love shaker when cooking, or at the dinner table to spice your food with love. My family now has salt, pepper and LOVE on the kitchen table. It’s fun to hear someone say ‘Please pass the Love’ at a family meal. Adding the secret ingredient of love makes every meal taste better, look better and even feel better in your tummy.

You can use your love shaker to lift your mood– whether it’s quelling an argument, relieving computer craziness or road rage, soothing a boo-boo, a tummy ache, a heart-ache or a head ache. The Love Shaker can change a sour mood or feeling to sweetness and laughter.

Your kids will love it! Kids understand the magic of the Love Shaker and how to use it right away. You can shake love on their pillow for a good night sleep and sweet dreams. Shake under the bed or closet to chase away the Boogie Monster. Add love to a fun filled bath. Shake love on your baby’s bottom when changing a diaper. The Love Shaker is like a kid’s magic friend that can transform chores into play and saves the day.

Add love to your next celebration whether it’s a birthday, graduation, anniversary, holiday, wedding, bridal or baby shower. The Love Shaker can turn an ordinary day into a celebration!

There are so many ways and reasons to share Love with the Love Shaker. Whether it’s adding the “secret ingredient” to food or it’s shifting a sour mood… the Love Shaker’s magic makes everything better.

Bring your Love Shaker wherever you go, and you can magically add more love to your life!

Get a Love Shaker. Add a lotta LOVE to your life and make this moment magic!

Valentine's day gift

Here are some of the ways to share your Love Shaker.

Love Shakers have:

  • Blessed many meals.
  • Made food taste yummier.
  • Helped plants grow.
  • Made housewarming parties much warmer.
  • Lifted sour moods at work and home.
  • Calmed computer craziness.
  • Cooed babies.
  • Added Love to pregnant mom tummies at baby showers.
  • Soothed boo-boos.
  • Ended arguments.
  • Cued kisses and hugs.
  • Made road trips magical.
  • Brought joy to hospital rooms.
  • Added love to our pets.
  • Helped folks have sweet dreams.
  • Increased baths rejuvenating power.
  • Added love and laughter to birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Enhanced commencements and graduations
  • Blessed newly weds as they walked down the aisle!

… and the wonderful list goes on!

Get a Love Shaker. Add a lotta love to your life and make this moment magic!

We’d love to hear how you are sharing your Love Shaker with the world!