Meet Lovey

I am Lovey the Love Shaker.
Here is how I came to be…

Once upon a time, there was a world where boo boos didn’t go away and boogy monsters couldn’t be chased from under the bed.
There was no magic in the air.
There were scary feelings.
Meals weren’t happy.
There were arguments with brothers and sisters that got teary.

Life just wasn’t all that super duper…

Something needed to happen.

Meanwhile, there lived deep within the chamber of all of our hearts a LOVE wanting to make all that yuckiness transform into sweetness. This LOVE could not be complete until it found a vehicle to bring it’s healing out into the world.

Heeding the universal call of LOVE, several aspects of the heart stepped forth to help in this important mission:
(L) Laughter, (O) Optimism, (V) Vitality, (E) Energy, and (Y) Yes! synergistically united forming L-O-V-E-Y… Lovey!

Boom! That’s when I was born as a super hero / shero of LOVE!

My superpower is to share LOVE with everything and everyone in the world. Awesome huh?

Whenever LOVE is the secret ingredient needed in your life, I am here to shake LOVE and save the day!

With me around, the world can change.

I make boo boos go away!
I capture boogy monsters and make them playful pets!
I make each moment magic!
I make feelings better!
I make meals happy!
I transform teary arguments into laughter and smiles!

Simply said, with LOVE I can make anything super duper again!

Together we can shake LOVE all over the world.

Let’s share the LOVE,