Magic Moment: A teachers gift of Love!


As soon as I saw the Love Shaker on a shelf at Healing Earth Resources, I thought: What a good idea! I picked it up, rattled it. I liked the thick white ceramic vessel, the easy-to-put-your-hand-around shape, the red letters and hearts.

Then its lovely creator swept into the room with her dazzling smile and bright, positive aura. She was excited to show me how it worked—you just shake a little love, she said in her sing-song voice. She turned it upside down and shook a little love over the top of her head, then mine. I swear I felt an immediate sense of well-being. Then she explained a shaman had blessed those beads inside, which added mystery and, for me, an added legitimacy.

I started thinking of all the people to whom I could gift this: my spiritual-twin sister to use on her new grandbaby, my gentle male colleague at work who recently adopted a second baby, another sister as a teacher gift to use on misbehaving or sad kids in her kindergarten class in rural Virginia, and myself to aid in my quest for a good night sleep or when my job became too anxiety-producing.

So I bought four that first day, and then more. And my list of recipients continues—I just gave another one away to a mother to give her toddler to use on her new baby sister. I have gotten such good reports back. It really works!

Sarah Schroth