Magic Moment: Yummy Valentine’s Day cookies sprinkled with Love!

Yummy Valentine's cookies with Love

I love my Love Shaker! I treated my quilting bee to some yummy Valentine’s  Day cookies and sprinkled them with love before serving!

Magic Moment: Valentine’s Day Shopping Checklist


Shake up your Valentine’s Day gift giving this year. Complete your Valentine’s Day Shopping list with a gift that lasts a lifetime!

Magic Moment: Valentine’s Day with Love!

Valentines Kiss with Love Shaker

Searching for a unique Valentine’s gift? The Love Shaker is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for you and your Valentine sweetie!

Magic Moment: The perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Love shaker in the box at Cameron's

Looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift idea? We are delighted to be selling our Love Shakers at Cameron’s (the coolest gift store) in Carrboro NC. It’s a really sweet Valentine’s gift! Have fun sharing the Valentine’s Love!


Magic Moment: Valentine’s Love for Kids!


Valentine’s Day for Kids is especially delightful with the Love Shaker! The Love Shaker joyfully gets used daily as part of kids play time.

Shaking love on each other is one of the children’s favorite things to do. They easily understand how to share Love.

   Marcie W.