Magic Moment: Baby with Love!

magicmoments_19I received the Love Shaker as a baby shower gift. Right now I use the Love Shaker to powder my baby’s bottom. Not only does it make my baby smile with its light rattling sound, but it makes me smile to know that at every diaper change I am showering my son with love.

Once Jack gets older, I can’t wait to use it as a cute way to cure his “boo-boos” or for cooking when we are able to teach him to make magic in the kitchen.

You wouldn’t believe all the comments I get from friends and family when they see it in his nursery. It’s such a unique conversation piece and I’m definitely getting the Love Shaker for my mommy friends in the future.

I’d recommend the Love Shaker to any parent who wants a cute and playful way to shower their kids with love.


Magic Moment: Pregnant with Love!


The Love Shaker is the perfect maternity gift. Here’s Mom shaking a little extra love on a miracle!