Magic Moments #10


The love shaker saves the day and makes the boo-boo go away.

Magic Moments #9 Valentine’s Love for Kids!


Valentine’s Day for Kids is especially delightful with the Love Shaker! The Love Shaker joyfully gets used daily as part of kids play time.

Shaking love on each other is one of the children’s favorite things to do. They easily understand how to share Love.

   Marcie W.

Magic Moments #8


I had the most wonderful Mother’s Day ever! Shaking love on every plate, every course and of course, everyone that attended the Mother’s Day celebration. Everyone in the restaurant was smiling, laughing and cheering along as the family exclaimed “We love you Mom!”

I am so grateful for my family and the love shaker blessings on this special day.

Pat W.

Magic Moments #7


The love shaker makes my pasghetti taste so yuuummmy!

Magic Moments #6



D B Sutton adds the secret ingredient to make our hair look fabulous!

Magic Moments #5


Kids love using the Love Shaker by adding love to help make the flowers bloom. The kids and I make regular trips into the garden to visit the plants and shake love on them to help them grow.

Magic Moments #4


Love shaker infuses a delicious nutritious salad with the special magic ingredient of love at our family reunion. Everything tastes better with love!

Magic Moments #3


Brother and sister using the Love Shaker to make the perfect birthday parfait for their Mom.

Lane W.

Magic Moments #2


A sweet Love Shaker happy birthday blessing!

Magic Moments #1


Love shaker makes a Valentine’s day kiss even sweeter!